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In today’s technology-driven world, event technology can be a challenge and costly if not managed appropriately.

Stell prides itself on making event technology easy and smart. Consider Stell as your personal coach to guide you through the various options to produce and execute a technology-centered event. With more than a decade of experience, the Stell team has advised a variety of sports entertainment and Fortune 500 clients on services such as app development; mobile, RFID, social media, motion-driven kiosks, webinars, green screen, experiential activation interactive, gaming and more.

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As society’s transitions to a paperless, technology world, Stell aims to help businesses without time or resources to make the same transition. The experienced team can take the most difficult task and deliver a simple-to-use and efficient technology solution.


Application Development

Customized applications are compatible with iPhone, iPads, Android and more. According to a study from the Online Publishers Association and Frank N. Magid Associates and featured in Ad Age, 23% or 54 million of the U.S. internet population from 8 to 64are using tablets. Shouldn’t your business be equipped to showcase your products and services with this ever-growing population?


Software Development & Hardware Integration

When someone says custom software, what does that mean? For Stell, that means identifying areas of your day-to-day business activity that can be more efficient through technology and specifically a tailored software program. We like to tackle the most difficult challenges for you and in return deliver a simple, streamlined solution that makes doing business easier.

Often times, you also may need hardware integration to support a software program. Those needs also can be addressed in house at Stell. We have a team of highly-experienced professionals who are willing to find a solution for every obstacle.


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Stell is proud to work closely with the largest brands, agencies, and sports properties on the planet.

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Let Stell assist you in identifying and implementing cutting-edge technology in a cost-effective and stress-free partnership.

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